Welcome to the webtool for calculating metabolic age ('metaboAge') from raw Nightingale Health 1H-NMR metabolomics data.

Please refer to our manuscript when using metaboAge in your work:

E.B. van den Akker et al. "MetaboAge: a novel biomarker for biological age based on the BBMRI-NL 1H-NMR metabolomics repository" (submitted)


For the webtool to work, the input data needs to be provided in a specific format. This format should be similar to the raw data files you received from Nightingale Health.

Please ensure that your dataset looks like this example dataset before submitting.

This means that:

  • The input file should be tab-delimited (.tsv)
  • The input data should be raw. Don't apply any preprocessing steps.
  • The columns should represent the metabolites and the rows the samples.
  • Please use the exact same column names as used in the example dataset.
  • Note that the tool also requires a sampleid column to be present. This column should contain unique sample identifiers.
  • Currently, the webtool only accepts files smaller than 32MB. If your input file size exceeds this, please cut it up into multiple files.

The metaboAge model only uses a subset of the metabolites measured by the Nightingale Health platform (see paper). If these metabolites are missing of if they don't have the correct names, an error will be returned.

Your data will be transmitted to our server over an encrypted connection and none of it will be saved.

After uploading the data, a .zip file will be returned containing:

  1. An .html file with information on some preprocessing and quality control steps.
  2. A .csv file containing the predicted metabolic ages.

Terms of use

Results of this webtool are meant for scientific research and not for clinical decision making.


If you have any questions, please send them by email to Erik van den Akker. Please mention metaboAge in the subject heading.